To be strong.

To be strong. Drawing Luke Hockley.

To be strong. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

I’ve been approached by a company to collaborate and put my artwork on their clothing.

They are an ethical and sustainable fashion label and it seems very cool and I’m pretty excited…but it started me asking myself…why? Why would I put something I’ve created on an item of clothing?

All this thinking has helped me crystalize how important the story is to me, how important having an intention is and the importance of delivering on that intention.

What has come to me this morning is a range of Men’s t-shirts that have words on them that are reminders of what I believe it is to be a man…

“Be kind, be patient, be generous.”

“To be strong is to love and have feelings.”

“I’m here, ready to listen…”

“Beautiful things make me weep.”

I suppose what I am saying is that the act of buying and wearing this t-shirt would be an act of redefining masculinity. That the kind of men I know and love who believe these statements to be true could buy this clothing in order to remind themselves of what they believe and to spread these ideas to the people they come into contact with.

This feels like the seed of something exciting.



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