The friendship boat.

The friendship boat. Drawing Luke Hockley.

The friendship boat. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

There is a person floating out in the ocean.

They are on their own, it’s not clear how they got there.

A piece of drift wood floats by them, they grab it and hold on for dear life. They are alone and scared and frightened.

And they are alive and have done very well.

They are alive and are doing very well.

They are doing very well.

They look up and see a person holding onto a piece of wood floating in the distance. They wave frantically and paddle yourself over to them.

They hug and cry at the relief of another person. They join their bits of wood together and make a raft.

The raft feels safer.

But then the ocean gets rough and they cling to each other and feel afraid as they get thrown around.

Eventually, with the storm raging around them, they see another raft floating in the distance. They wave and paddle over to each other and quickly join their rafts. And things become just a little more stable.

Over the days they get to know each other. Learning how to fish together and telling stories of the lives they have all lived.

This happens over and over again. The storms, the new rafts…many days pass and eventually their rafts have all joined together to become a large boat.

The boat is more stable. As waves crash against the sides often they hardly notice, the sheer size of the boat absorbs the turmoil of the sea.

There is always someone new to meet, or a friend to hang out with, or something to learn how to do to help the boat run well.

Until one day the person looks up and they realise they are floating in the ocean and they are with friends and they are having a great time.

They are doing very well.

They are very happy.



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