A glimmer of hope.

A glimmer of hope. Drawing Luke Hockley.

A glimmer of hope. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

Every now and then I get this overwhelming glimmer of hope that my new adventure into self-sustaining art making is going to work out just fine.

I had a long lunch with my friend Matt yesterday and we worked through the different elements of what I am doing, I reflected on how it has gone so far and spoke of where it all might lead.

I love how it feels to believe in it. To believe in myself and the importance of what I am doing. To believe people need and want these things I am making.

This feeling of possibility can evaporate so quickly in the face of the flotsam and jetsam of ‘getting it done’.

So, taking a moment to see it and celebrate it and connect with it in a way that acknowledges how the things I am now doing reflect my beliefs about the potential of humans to be a force for good...taking that moment is a real joy.

Will it work? I really don't know how all this turns out…but I’ll always be grateful for this very happy period of my life where I was in open hearted pursuit of the things that matter to me.



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