How to draw a face.

How to draw a face. Drawing Luke Hockley.

How to draw a face. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

My nephew taught me how to draw a face.

I have found it rather confronting.

I get all worried that I am going to ruin my drawing by drawing a face that is a bit of a dud.

So, I hesitate. I doubt myself.

And that means that the cause is lost. I’m doomed to draw a dud face.

Not my nephew.

We played a game the other day where I would draw people’s heads and he would give them a face.

He’s remarkable to watch.

Firstly, what I saw, is that he loves it. He relishes the opportunity to finish off one of my drawings with a face. That means he approaches the task with joy and possibility.

Secondly, he doesn’t hesitate. There is no double guessing, no trying, no getting it right. He looks at the head and then gives it the face he knows it is calling out for. He trusts himself.

Thirdly, he isn’t trying to be original or perfect or to impress anyone. He just does it because it makes sense to him to do it.

I now draw faces like this.

It is much more fun and often gets a better result.



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