No more ideas please.

No more ideas please! Drawing Luke Hockley.

No more ideas please! Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

The trick, for me, is to selectively deliver on the ideas I have…not to come up with new ideas.

I don’t know why but new ideas are never far away.

Knowing which ones are the ideas to back…now that’s another story.

Seeing an idea through to completion that’s a whole other thing.

I’m getting better at it.

I’ve learnt that all the ideas are worth recording…because it is likely they will eventually get a Guernsey...but progress only comes from picking an idea and getting it done.

If I can think in longer time frames then it becomes a little easier.

Also, I love how it feels to finish a thing and deliver it.

I might need to focus a little more on that feeling.


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