In harmony.

In harmony. Drawing Luke Hockley.

In harmony. Drawing Luke Hockley.

Dear Self,

Singing in harmony is fascinating.

I love how it feels. Literally the feeling of me singing one note and someone else singing another note that is simultaneously different to my note by completely complimentary to it.

A vibration happens that feels amazing.

I feel like there is a lesson in this.

That I might think of this when I am with someone who is not ‘like’ me, someone I am not ‘getting along’ with.

I guess, on some level, I am always looking for someone to be the same as me. I see differences as something we need to sort out, that we need to get on the same page and agree.

But what if I saw this difference as a perfect harmony?

The challenge of holding a harmony when singing in a group is to simultaneously listen to someone else doing something different to you whilst maintaining your own sound with confidence and clarity.

If everyone drifts to the same note (which can easily happen) then the harmony is lost. It may be a beautiful melody…but the richness and complexity is lost.

Equally if no one listens to anyone else, and the notes are not in relationship to each other, then we just have noise.

The harmony emerges as each person is allowed their own note but understands that their note is in relationship to the whole group. This compromise between the individual and the group is the magic of a harmony.

In a group, then, it is not just about all being different or all being the same.  It is about each of us having our own voice whilst we listen, empathize and respond to the different voices around us.

My goal isn’t to be the same as everyone. It is to make the adjustments I need to make so that I can find the spaces where my voice can be both unique and complimentary with the voices around me.

Ok, perhaps a little easier said than done?

Worthwhile though.

Very worthwhile.



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